Winning Is An Attitude

406585_10200158500510735_1509811664_nHere is another look at  the trend of cheer coaches confronting negative or bully behavior online. This coach, Lexi Chaleff, is a well respected member of the cheer, all star and dance community. She is known for her incredible choreography, strict, no nonsense coaching style and leadership qualities. Her post was supported by many other members of the cheer and dance community. Lexi’s insight confronts negative behavior she has witnessed online, and instead of retaliating with negativity, she wraps up her post with good wishes to every team competing that weekend. Kudos to coach Chaleff for showing her cheerleaders the proper and mature way to post a thought and still show class.

“In the resent weeks, with competition season approaching, I have found myself to be so grossly disgusted 481704_4944738021754_1347689805_nwith the public display of poor sportsmanship on facebook and twitter by fellow coaches. What are you teaching your athletes? And more importantly, do you even care? I urge each of us to remember that there are several young-impressionable eyes that view our walls and the ONLY message we should be sending is one of love and mutual respect for the sport. I have always considered myself blessed to have the job I do. To not only be able to do what I love, but to have the privilege to work with young kids. It is an honor to know that parents give me their full trust in helping mold their children into strong, confident, successful adults. Winning is an attitude and the only way to be successful is to have a positive one. with that being said, I would like to wish each and every team that will be competing this weekend the best of luck.” – Lexi Chaleff

It seems that many parents, coaches and cheerleaders are feeling frustrated by the lack of manners or sportsmanlike conduct that seems to be all too common. In a sport like cheer, we should be supporting each other and appreciating the talent every team offers. A competitor with a pure heart will want the other teams in their division to succeed and perform well.  A team that wins should do so with class. Only one team can be champion in each division. Teams who are defeated should act with dignity and not make excuses about why they lost. Saying things like “Well, they only won because their coach knows all the judges.” is meant to belittle the win of the other team. That is poor sportsmanship. Negative postings online or mean or threatening interactions will not make a person feel better, but they will make that person look like a jerk. “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”  - General Norman Schwarzkopf

What are your thoughts on this? Is it necessary to confront behavior guidelines as coaches? How does it make you feel when you see negative comments from coaches or cheerleaders about another team. Do you wish we had cheer police to help manage bad behaviors? If you or a member of your team is being bullied online, contact someone who can help you. Parents, coaches and guidance counselors are great resources to help you end the bullying. For more information on preventing and dealing with online bullying, check out

What are your ideas on how to put an end to cyber bullying? Contact Us to give us your feedback or ideas! We appreciate the frustration that coach Chaleff faces. We know she is not alone. Help Cheer NN put an end to bully types of behaviors! Send us your stories or Become a Cheer NN Reporter!