Win With The Little Things – Judge’s Hint #5


Here are some helpful hints from a Judge’s perspective. Linda Lundy from Cheer Integrity Judges Training talks about the importance of tumbling in a routine.


Level 1 and 2 tumbling are basic skills needed to progress into higher difficulty. If these are not taught properly the skills learned later will not be able to be executed as intended. Look at the cartwheels and walkovers on the floor; legs are bent, toes are not pointed, sloppy landings, arms bent, head out of alignment. If the lower back muscles are not conditioned the walkovers will be harder to execute. Point the toes and the straight leg will follow. If you are going to perform a forward roll please add a step out so everyone executes the same skill with grace. Look closely at these beginner skills, they can make are break a tumbling sequence.

Backs are executed low, not set properly. Legs are apart, bent, not together in back handsprings. Majority of layouts are pulled over in a pike position, this is not a true layout.

I could go on and on… but if the coach does not listen or pay attention to the comments by the judges on the score sheet they will always be in the dark. Polish and clean as you go, break the routine into segments or eight counts, look and look and look, perform and hit over and over again.

Your routine may be filled with more difficulty than your opponent, but is your execution clean, crisp and enjoyable to watch? Remember it’s the little things that can help you win.

Linda Lundy Owner Cheer IntegrityCheck back with Cheer News Network this week to get Judge’s Hints every day this week. These tips are provided by Linda Lundy, owner of Cheer Integrity – Cheer & Dance Judges Training. Linda’s judging certifications include: Judging certifications include: USASF Legality, Cheer LTD, American Cheer Power, UCA, COA, United Cheer, Cheer USA, Jam Brands and Level IV Dance Judge, Dance & Drill Team Directors of America. She has published articles in Cheer Coach and Advisor Magazine and Texas Cheerleader Magazine.

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