Win With The Little Things – Judge’s Hint #4


Here are some helpful hints from a Judge’s perspective. Linda Lundy from Cheer Integrity Judges Training talks about the importance of Jumps and Synchronization/Timing in a routine.


The majority of the jumps performed are executed incorrectly. I know that the jumps chosen are for their difficulty score, but the execution, form and technique of the jump is very poor. Ninety percent of toe touches are performed as a spread eagle with knees forward not up. Sit into the jump, head and chest up, rotate the hips, knees point upward and point the toes. On a front hurdler, the front leg may be high but the back leg is entirely forgotten and barely off the ground. Pikes performed 3 inches off the ground are unacceptable. Have you ever seen “point toes” on your score sheet? Judges aren’t writing this without reason. Let’s work on flexibility and teach the proper jumps mechanics. There is a problem of accurate arm placement during the jump sequence. Arms are all over the place!


If your squad is taught to perform on counts the timing and synchronization will happen. I would much rather watch 3 eight counts of synchronized tumbling than 6 eight counts of a criss cross hot mess. Choreographed synchronized head turns, simple but effective.

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