Win With The Little Things – Judge’s Hint #3

Here are some helpful hints from a Judge’s perspective. Today Linda Lundy from Cheer Integrity Judges Training talks about the importance of counts and placement.


Hitting moves on the right count, not early or late makes for great motions. Have the squad say “hit” in practice. It is very evident that some squads don’t use counts, they just listen to the music.

Building skills – Left side and right side should be a mirror image in building your structures, too often this is not what we see.

Flyer skills - Should be performed as a hit (on a count) not as a drag it in place. Hit and hold, as if we are taking a picture. Show off what you just built before changing to next structure.

Avoid the dead 8 count –  Don’t be the  squad just standing still and waiting on the music. Add arm motions, knee deep, footwork,  dance or something else to the routine. Don’t just stand there.

If your music stops your squad should be able to complete the routine to counts.


There is a proper placement for every body part for every skill on the floor and every member of the squad should be aware and performing each skill correctly. Knowledge and practice will make it happen. Improper execution of motions, jumps, and stunts can become bad habits, look sloppy and lead to safety issues. Too much time is spent on teaching the routine and not looking at what is being performed. Motions are being thrown, not placed with strength and precision. I see thumbs sticking out, bent wrist, cheerio hands, bent elbows, etc. Get back to the basic mechanics of technique training and proper execution. This will make your routine look sharp!

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Linda Lundy Owner Cheer IntegrityCheck back with Cheer News Network this week to get Judge’s Hints every day this week. These tips are provided by Linda Lundy, owner of Cheer Integrity – Cheer & Dance Judges Training. Linda’s judging certifications include: Judging certifications include: USASF Legality, Cheer LTD, American Cheer Power, UCA, COA, United Cheer, Cheer USA, Jam Brands and Level IV Dance Judge, Dance & Drill Team Directors of America. She has published articles in Cheer Coach and Advisor Magazine and Texas Cheerleader Magazine.

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