Win With The Little Things – Judge’s Hint #2

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Here is the 2nd hint to help you “Win With The Little Things” by Linda Lundy, owner of Cheer Integrity. Remember, judges are trained to look for even the smallest imperfections or weak spots of a team. A good choreographer knows that when developing a routine, you need to showcase your strengths, and hide your weaknesses. So, let’s look at a couple of the little things that will take effort, but will help you score higher and possibly win.

Let’s take a look at some spacing strategies, and transition tips to help your team perfect their performance.


Make sure your center person knows where the center is located (hint, big white x – or center panel). The rest of the team will center off of this person so placement is crucial. After each transition, make sure the team can identify who is standing center and create formations accordingly.

Minor spacing issues are glaring on the floor and will cause misaligned formations. You can create a visually stimulating routine by eliminating spacing issues.

Use the mat to your advantage; Build on the straps. The back spot should set the position for the structure by planting their feet on the assigned strap. The stunt should center around the backspot’s position.


Think…position, path, place! Everyone should know their beginning position, their path to get to the next position and the place to stop. Practice this over and over and over. Surprise the judges with what is coming up. Make the move from here to there flow and seem effortless. Use arm motions while moving, everyone steps out on the same foot. Please don’t run like there’s a fire behind you. I absolutely despise the transition where the squad bends over, holding their belly and moves from spot to spot. You are not hiding from me-I can see you. I consider this a lazy transition (can’t think of anything else to do).

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