Why Cheering At Spirit Explosion Is Right For Us

SE Team In RedMeet Sharon and Heather Sniadowski. Heather is currently on Spirit Explosion in PA and her mom, Sharon, couldn’t be any prouder. Recently, Cheer NN asked Sharon to give us some insight on how she has watched her daughter develop into a confident young woman through cheer. For new cheer moms, this is a great story on what cheer can do for your child. For veteran moms, this is a good look at what attracted you and your child to cheer in the first place. The Spirit Explosion All StarsFire” and “Fury” were the big winners last February at the 2012 NCA All Star National Championships in Dallas, TX.

My life as a cheerleading mom began 12 years ago when my, at the time, 6-year old daughter joined a recreational league. After 6300995_2506911997591_589349433_n 2 years of recreational cheerleading, my daughter, Heather, asked if she could join an All-Star cheerleading squad. Of course, I agreed. My daughter loved the sport and I wanted her involved in a sport. What a great decision on my part! Cheerleading has taught Heather how to work with others as a member of a team, self-discipline, endurance, determination and the satisfaction that comes from hard work. After 3 years with one team, Heather and I realized it was time for a move. Heather needed to be challenged, and a chance to cheer for a different program. Together with friends, both Heather and I developed at our first All-Star gym. After lots of research, Heather and I decided on Pennsylvania Spirit Explosion. We chose well. Since joining Spirit Explosion, Heather and I have maintained old friendships and developed new ones.

Cheerleading has not only brought new and incredible people into our lives, it has also provided me the opportunity to watch my daughter grow into the incredible young woman she is today. Due to cheerleading, Heather has learned the results of hard work, endurance and teamwork. Heather has realized the importance of working together with others, the importance of not giving up and the importance of perseverance. Heather has balanced school work (she maintains a 3.75 grade point average), a social life and cheerleading practice which occurs on an average of 4 days of week. As a mother, I am extremely proud of Heather and her ability to successfully balance all of the above. Heather’s ability to manage her time wisely inspires me.  Through cheerleading Heather has positive role models for whom I am very grateful.

Cheerleading has brought many positive aspects to both my life and my daughter’s life. We have met wonderful individuals, we have been able to travel throughout the country together and we have made an incredible amount of unforgettable memories together. From December to May, we attend many competitions. At each competition, my heart smiles and my eyes shed tears for all of the SE teams and their incredible performances. Not only am I proud of Heather, I am proud of every cheerleader that has the courage and talent to get out on that mat and perform to the best of their ability. No matter how they perform, my heart smiles for each and every young man and woman that steps out onto the mat because I know the hard work and dedication they have put into each and every performance. Spirit Explosion was the right choice for us. The SE coaches, program and athletes provide my daughter with positive experiences and help provide her with teachable moments that help to develop her character.

Do yourself and your child athlete a favor, research the gyms in your area and make an educated decision. While the championship trophies are nice, it’s the character building lessons that are most important. SE provides their athletes with the very best coaches and a safe program. The staff at SE really cares about the cheerleaders in their program. They are always looking for ways to create wonderful experiences and life lessons.

If you are interested in becomming part of the nationally recognized Spirit Explosion All Stars, please send an email to pa@spiritexplosion.com or call the gym at 484-472-7383 to set up a tour of the facility. If you want to tell a story about your favorite cheerleader, coach, or program Become A Cheer NN Reporter or Contact Us to let us know what you want to see on Cheer NNCheer News Network, FOR cheerleaders, BY cheerleaders!

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