Varsity Brands CEO Jeff Webb Named Herff Jones President & COO

Herff Jones, a supplier of class rings, yearbooks, and other school and graduation products announced they have named Jeff Webb as the next President and Chief Operating Officer. Webb has been on the Herff Jones board since their merger with Varsity Brands Inc. on July 29, 2011. The current Herff CEO, Joe Slaughter, will assist with the transition that will be effective for Webb starting on January 1, 2013. Slaughter, who has been with Herff Jones for 40 years, plans to retire in the summer of 2014. The Varsity Brands acquisition was the largest for Herff in it’s 90 years.

How does this relate to you? Well, have you ever attended a UCA, NCA, USA, ACA camp or competition? If you have, then you attended an event that was ultimately created or administered by Jeff Webb. If you are involved in cheerleading the chance that you have attended a Varsity Event or bought Varsity apparel is very high. Varsity is, not only the leader in cheer and dance uniform production but, also runs competitions that have been held at the Walt Disney Resort and have been televised on ESPN for 25 years now.

Jeff Webb is a native of Dallas, TX who graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He was originally hired to work as a summer cheer camp instructor for National Cheerleaders Association, NCA. Eventually, Webb broke away from NCA and started Universal Cheerleaders Association, UCA. Universal grew to become the largest summer camp producer in the US. Webb was able to leverage the growth of UCA to acquire many other summer camp companies. Eventually, UCA merged with NCA and now both are represented under the Varsity Brands umbrella.

Herff Jones supplies products to elementary, middle and high schools as well as universities, church groups and sports teams and corporations.  The match between the two companies makes sense since both have such a stronghold on the student populations and educational facilities.

Webb maintains a residence in Memphis, TN. No plans for future residence has been announced yet, but the Herff Jones is an employee-owned company and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read More about this story. Learn More about Jeff Webb or Varsity Brands.