Varsity All Star Helps Answer Questions

All star teams who compete at Varsity events are getting a little extra help via Facebook and Twitter. Varsity All Star is answering commonly asked scoring questions on their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Many coaches have reacted positively to the feedback and are benefitting on their score sheets from the helpful tips. With competition season in full swing, coaches and cheerleaders are looking to maximize their score sheets. These social media campaign from Varsity All Star is a great way for coaches and cheerleaders to shape dynamic routines that fit the score sheets.

The threads that accompany the tips can also be helpful. Coaches ask detailed questions and try to get clarification on points that may confuse them. You may find that the questions being asked are things that you need interpreted. It is a great way to communicate and learn how to set your team up for success.

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Here are a few examples:

COMMONLY ASKED SCORING QUESTION: Where does ‘unassisted’ stunting fit in when scoring the L5 Restricted division?

ANSWER: Unassisted Stunting is not a requirement for the L5 Restricted division, even if that division splits into Coed and All Girl at a competition.That said, unassisted stunting CAN positively affect your score within the subrange your team achieves by their team stunt sequence. For example, if the maximum number of athletes is involved in 4 elite skills and you qualify for the HIGH subrange–8.7-9.0–judges may positively reward your unassisted stunting and move your score from an 8.8 to an 8.9.

COMMONLY ASKED SCORING QUESTION: In Level 3 Standing Tumbling, does a ‘toe touch back handspring series’ meet that requirement of ’2 level appropriate skills?’

ANSWER: Yes, In a toe touch back handspring series, there are two skills being executed: a jump/tumbling combination and a backhandspring series.

COMMONLY ASKED SCORING QUESTION: In Level 4 Running Tumbling, is a Punch Front Step Out, Rd Off Back Handspring Layout considered 1 skill or 2?

ANSWER: A Punch Front Step Out, Rd Off BHS Layout is considered 2 Level Appropriate skills–the punch front step out is 1 and the layout is 1.

Not sure if these updates are for you? Read these recent posts by Varsity All Star to determine if they can help your team’s performance this competition season. What are your thoughts about these commonly asked questions? Are they helping your team? We welcome your feedback. Send us your thoughts !!