Tryouts For Team USA This January

Do you think you have what it takes to represent the USA in cheer?  Well, here is your chance to try. Tryouts will be held in January for the USA Coed and All Girl teams and if you meet the requirements, you still have time to submit your application to be on one of the teams. The coed team will have 26 openings. 15 males and 11 female athletes will make up the coed team. The all girl team will have 28 openings. 4 person stunt groups with a total of 7 stunt groups will be chosen. Applicants must try out in a stunt group consisting of 4 members, however, members may be individually chosen from any stunt group.

Both Team USA Coed and Team USA All Girl brought home GOLD in 2012! Can you help them defend their championships? Here is where you can watch a video of last year’s routines.

Tryouts for the 2 teams that will represent the USA at the 2013 International Cheer Union World Championship take place on January  21, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The teams that are chosen will represent the United States of America as they defend their World Championship titles.  You must register online before January 4. 2013 and include a $50 registration fee. Any person who shows up to tryouts without registering online prior will be assessed a $100 registration fee.

Application Requirements:

Be at least 18 years old and be a high school graduate at the time of tryouts.

Be a United States citizen.

Be physically present at the tryout to be considered for the team.

Attend all mandatory training and practice sessions at the training facility. Training dates are April 15-25.

Applicants will be responsible for $750 of their own training costs. Applicants may raise money through sponsorships. All fees are due February 15, 2013. If an athlete does not meet the deadline, they forfeit their spot on the team.

Tryout Details:

Tryouts will begin at 9:00am and go until 12:30pm, (applicants can start arriving at 8:30am to stretch and warm up). For any questions call 888.899.8964.

For more information check out the USA Cheer website. Check here to submit an application.