Try Out Tips For Coaches


Are you a new coach or just want some pointers on how to create a smooth try out process?  Here are some tips from Linda Lundy, President of Cheer Integrity Tryout and Competition Judges.  We appreciate our viewer input!  Every cheerleader and coach has something incredible to offer. What do YOU have to offer?  What can you teach other coaches or cheerleaders?


Try Out Tips for Coaches

  • Read your guidelines/by-laws thoroughly.
  • Set a date for clinic and tryouts that does not conflict with other activities.
  • Mandatory Parents Meeting
  • Parents Packetlogo-200x189

Requirements of eligibility; these need to be given out prior to athletes trying out.  A tryout meeting to set
goals and give information is suggested.

Scoring System (ex. 20% teacher evaluation. 80% judges scores) – Giving athletes this on the front side will help them to prepare to the best of their abilities.  This will benefit your future team.

Announcement details – Ex. (posted sign on gym window, posted on school website, social media, and through meet and greets during lunches and after school)

Inherit Risk of Cheerleading – signed and dated by both a parent and the candidate.  Parents and participants should be aware of the inherent risks before trying out.

Cheer Integrity PhotoFees: Detail what is covered and a “Due” Calendar. Some parents do not realize the high cost, whether it’s money or time, of being a cheerleader.

Mandatory attendance dates for tryout clinic (signed)

Uniform fitting date and Summer Camp dates – cost, dues and requirements.

Fund raising requirements

  • Choose your judges wisely.  Choose quality over quantity.
  • Search for qualified/experienced, knowledgeable persons or go through a tryout company.
  • Not a good idea to use teachers or college cheerleaders.  They are not the best answer if you want to avoid controversy and want to utilize true experience.
  •   Communicate with the head judge, number of judges needed, time of arrival, dress code, etc

Judges should score in ink (there will be less cause for accusations that somebody changed the scores).  Judges do not leave until all scores are tallied, there is no tie. Use a natural break in the scores for choosing the squad.

Good Luck!

Linda Lundy

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