The NEW Brooklyn Nets Mascot

228203_10100105996085128_1325826395_nThe Brooklyn NY Nets have a new look that distinguishes them from their old owner, the NJ Nets. Many are questioning whether the new minority owner, Jay-Z has anything to do with the changes. Although Jay-Z doesn’t have his hands in the daily decisions, it is a safe assumption that he does have some influence. The new program represents the streets of Brooklyn, and the new mascot  has taken on a new look.

Pacers v Nets

The old NJ Nets mascot was a gray fox named Sly. The new look is much more intimidating. The new mascot, Brookly Knight, (yes, that is correct, Brookly Knight, not Brooklyn Knight), has a tougher look. Brookly Knight was created by Marvel Comics and even has a 32 page custom comic book based on the mascot. The Brookly Knight has even gifted his trading cards to Nets fans and a giveaway comic.

Brookly Knight is supposed to be “the protector of Brooklyn’s hometown basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, defender of New York’s largest and most courageous borough, and ruler of Barclays Center.”

With Jay-Z as a minority owner, and the partnership with Marvel Comic, the NY Nets are showingBrooklyKnight-_1_Cover that the organization is serious about hiring the best professionals they can find to create a brand that the people of Brooklyn are proud to embrace. The program is busy identifying their mantra, thesis, and ideas. But, the professional atmosphere seems to be working and Nets fans are responding positively to the change. The professionals within the organization also extend to the actual mascot himself, Lou Pampalone, Mascot Coordinator. Lou, AKA, the Brookly Knight, has lots of experience getting the crowd hype at games.

bk-326x350-1Lou started his crowd entertainment career as a Colonia, NJ high school cheerleader. He then went on to cheer for the championship William Patterson University team where he graduated from the school of Accounting and Law. Lou was such a talented athlete that he was hired in college as a cheer  instructor for Universal Cheerleaders Association, UCA, from summers 2001 to 2006. Lou was also hired by The Spirit Consultants, TSC, in California to teach mascot camps during the summers. He spent a year working as a personal trainer before he got hired by the NJ Nets to be their mascot, Sly.

Pamplone is such a leader in his industry that he has worked with thousands of cheerleaders and Brookly_Knightmascots. He has worked to cultivate his craft or spirit and crowd entertainment skills all while passing his passion on to others. He makes many public appearances at events including hospitals with sick kids, and most recently, working with the Nets who took kids affected by Hurricane Sandy on a shopping spree before Christmas.

Lou takes his job seriously and works hard to make sure that he is respected. He is a professional who understands his role in the Nets organization.  Lou takes every opportunity to grow and better himself. The Nets organization is lucky to have someone who takes their role this earnestly. An average day at the office for most people starts with coffee and email organizing, but for the Brookly Knight, it starts high above the court as he practices being lowered down from the rafters.

399273_10100110933161188_1637549697_nIf you are interested in following the the journey and the evolution of the Brookly Knight, you can follow him on instagram @thebrooklyknight.  After following the Brookly Knight, you may start to believe that Lou has one of the coolest jobs ever. He works in entertainment, in conjunction with the gorgeous and talented Brooklynettes Nets Dancers, and he gets to spend his off time visiting kids and making them smile. Take a look at this picture that he posted last week of just another day at the office. The view from so high up is breathtaking. This would be a great way to start just another day at the office.

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