Terry Zeigler Fights For Cheer Safety

Terry ZeiglerCheerleading is the most dangerous sport in America! Have you seen these headlines? It seems that they are all over the news. There are experts who believe cheer is indeed dangerous, while others believe that while there is risk involved, the many injury reports in the media are misleading.

Terry Zeigler is one amazing woman who is determined to keep cheerleaders safe. Terry has an outstanding resume and is heralded as an expert in athlete safety. Mrs. Zeigler has been a Professor of Kinesiology for Vanguard University since 1985.

She is also active in USA Sport Safety, Youth Sport Safety, the National Cheer Safety Foundation, and with The Spirit Consultants. At TSC, she helps keep cheerleaders who are training at camp healthy and safe. As if this wasn’t enough, Terry started http://www.cheersafetyeducation.com, a website to help keep cheerleaders, coaches, and parents up to date on safety education and resources.

Terry believes that cheerleading can be a dangerous sport if the participants are not well educated and she is determined to provide education. She wants to make sure that everyone involved in cheer understands the risks involved and where to find the information they need to stay safe. Even if you disagree with Terry on whether cheer is dangerous, you can agree that coaches education is essential for a safe cheer program. There is a hot debate in the media over cheer safety. The CheerNN radio program #004 takes an in depth look at one side of the argument. Terry has a extensive amount of experience with cheer injury and is a leader in the research of concussions. It’s good to have people who care about the health and welfare of the cheerleaders and their coaches who are passionate enough to share their fieldwork.

TSC-Medical-StaffOrganizations like the NFL and The National Federation of High Schools, (NFHS), have been doing more research on concussions and have been creating education for coaches and athletes. Terry, who is a wealth of information on the topic of concussions, gave Cheer News Network an exclusive interview via the CheerNN Radio Program. We discussed how to identify, treat, and prevent concussions.

Zeigler gave advice to new coaches and captains on best practices on keeping safe. Are you interested in learning more about cheer safety or concussion prevention? Listen to the radio right here:


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