Super Organized Tryout Checklist!

19379_235033446148_5566902_nTryout checklist from Spirit Event Coordinators, SEC!  They are a company that specializes in producing judges for many types of events.  Spirit Event Coordinators have over 6000 judges in their database.  We offer judges for cheerleading, dance team, drill team, kick line, competitions, and beauty pageants. They only select the top spirit leaders in the country to represent Spirit Event Coordinators. Each judge has to be approved by submitting an application detailing their background. From there, Spirit Event Coordinators hand picks the judges that will attend your event. 

Today SEC gives Cheer NN some insight to drama free tryouts.  Here is a checklist to help you organize your tryout and be as professional and prepared as possible.  To contact SEC and request judges in your area, visit this web page for directions, FAQ’s and contact information.  

Organize your tryouts!

One Month Prior:

  • Have administration approve tryout process.
  • Set up date, time, and judges at
  • Request a clinic instructor or advise your seniors of theirteaching responsibilities.
  • Reserve a tryout area (gymnasium, auditorium, etc…).
  • Submit morning announcements.
  • Meet with prospective candidates. Hand out permission slips and medical information sheets.

 Two Weeks Prior:

  • Meet with your senior members to make up tryout material.
  • Confirm faculty help (tabulators, etc…)

Tryout Week:

  • Conduct a pre-tryout meeting to collect medical forms and permission slips.
  • Have senior members or your clinic instructor teach tryout material.
  • Review material. 537199_10151230120106149_1074948732_n

Materials Necessary For Tryouts:

  • Numbers for candidates and safety pins or sticky labels worn on front of shirt.  Pencils, pens,
  • and calculators.  You may want to use your school’s accountant in order to combine the judges’ scores.
  • Judging forms (make copies of our sample forms).
  •  Tables and Chairs for judging panel. 

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