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submit your storyWe loved being on the sideline, cheering in the big game, competing and going crazy when our team scored the winning goal. Like you, we also thought it really stunk when that last shot was missed and the buzzer sounded and our team was defeated. We were left with nothing but an empty feelings of frustration too. But we also celebrated  every win. We hugged and yelled, for our team. We all wear our team colors proudly. We can all recall parts of our favorite dance, cheer, or competition routine. Every person involved in Cheer News Network has positive memories of cheerleading. We know our stories of trying out, cheering at games and competing on the mat but, we don’t know yours…yet. Do you remember your first real inspiration to become the cheerleader you are today?

Was it a neighbor who asked you to go to a cheerleading class at a local gym? Was it a High School or All Star cheerleader who showed you a skill you didn’t think you could do? Every city and every school and gym has a story of how their cheerleading journey began, where it is now, and where its going in the future. We want to hear those stories and help them to, maybe, serve as inspiration to a future cheer generation. We want to be a place where you can share, not only your cheerleading story but how you see the world. So, feel free to start sharing with us in the way you feel best suites you. You can interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Fierce Boards. However, we urge you to register through our website and to get our newsletter and take full advantage of our news network.

From anywhere on our site, click on the Become a CheerNN Reporter menu item. We would love to see your name and story published here.

What kinds of stories are we looking for? Your stories. How has cheerleading changed your life? Is your coach your hero? What is your squad doing to make your community better? If you have a story that will inspire others we want to hear from you.

Look, we love cheerleading and we believe in cheer athletes, parents and coaches. We believe in you. Won’t you help us spread positive stories and inspire others to be the best version of themselves? Welcome to the Cheer News Network where your stories are important and appreciated. We are glad you are here.