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stretch_train_mainUpageThe Cheerleading Guide To Stretching and Strength Training

Whether you are trying to get in shape for cheerleading tryouts or working on stepping up your fitness routine for your upcoming season, this complete guide includes everything you need to achieve your goals!

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Chapter Previews:

Fitness Plan
The first step in developing a fitness plan is to actually make a plan! Your plan should be beyond what you already do, or will do, for cheerleading – you’ll want to make your own fitness goals and stick to them. This will help keep you on track during summer breaks and holidays. Learn how to develop a plan, create a program and stay motivated in this comprehensive chapter that includes tips for the perfect playlist!

Stretching is an absolute in cheerleading! Access over 15 stretches that focus on the most important target areas for cheerleaders: arms, back and legs. You’ll also learn about the training benefits of a disciplined stretching regime.

Core Training
Having a rock solid core helps with lifting and throwing, and prevents back injuries that could get you stretch_train_sketchbenched during the cheerleading season or haunt you later in life. Learn how to do a number of core exercises that will target train your back, abdomen and hips!

Leg Training

Cheerleaders need to target their legs during conditioning so they are strong enough for intense stunting. Building up the strength in your legs and hips will become one of your main lifelines for basing and flying, and will help give you maximum control. This chapter helps you focus on your calves, thighs and gluteus with solid conditioning exercises that would fit into any fitness program!

Arm Training
Arm strength is crucial to all positions on a cheerleading squad! Tossing, lifting, twisting and catching other girls in the air is not for the faint or weak, not to mention that the foundation of cheerleading is arm motions! From the triceps to the wrists, this chapter will help cheerleaders incorporate a strengthening routine that will make them a lean, mean, lifting machine. Use these anywhere arm exercises to help you strength train and condition.

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