Strengthening Your Core For Cheer! – By Matt Dillon

Achieving a stronger core – Tips and Tricks:superman-exercise

  • Super Mans – Lay on the floor with your stomach to the mat. Place your arms directly above your head and point your toes, stretch your body creating a long line from your toes to your finger tips and lift with your shoulders and hips until your upper body and legs lift off the ground. Do this repetitive in small reps (15 to 20 times) for multiple sets. Once you gain more strength in your core try alternating one arm with the opposite leg switching to the opposite arm and leg then both at the same time in reps of three. Again once your strength builds try the exercise in continuous repetitions in multiple sets.
  • Tuck Ups – Turn over to your back and place your arms directly to your side for balance. Pull your abs-tuckups2legs and shoulders off the floor then tuck your knees up towards your upper body and your shoulders forward to your knees. Try to squeeze your thighs and upper body as close together as possible then bring your body back in to the original extended position to the floor. Our aim is to achieve this exercise without letting your shoulders and legs touch the ground. Again we will do this in a repetitious manner for multiple sets.
  • UnknownV-Ups – Our lower body will start in the same position as the ‘tuck-ups’ but our arms will begin directly above our head with our arms by our ears.  Using our core, lift your legs and shoulders until your upper body and lower body meet in the middle directly above your hips. Keep in mind our knees should be locked and our arms should stay directly above our head while keeping our shoulders by our ears. Once you have reached the top, extend your body until we return to the original flattened position keeping our feet and shoulders off the floor. Make sure that our tummies stay tight and flat so we do not arch when we return to the floor. This may take time to execute properly but remember to use the best technique when practicing these exercises.
  • Once we have mastered the ‘tuck-up’ and the ‘v-up’ combine the two for an additional exercise alternating between the ‘tuck-up’ and the ‘v-up’.

*Ensure that we are exploding to the top or upright most position at the highest rate of speed to ensure we keep our abs explosive. Then slowly return to the floor position before executing the next*Unknown-1

  • Planks – Start on your stomach much like you would for a push-up. Instead of pushing off the ground with our hands we will lift off the floor with our upper bodies resting on our elbows. When ‘planking’ keep our bodies flat and hollow with our hips directly in line with our heels and shoulders. Keep your abs tight and feel the burn!

602629_10100314703114426_1566826075_nMatt Dillon is a former University of Hawaii cheerleader, cheer camp instructor for All Attitude Athletics,  all star coach from Desert Storm Elite and founder of the Playhard Project.  Playhard seeks out corporate, government and private funds to provide struggling families with the means necessary to participate in main stream sports.

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