Pacer Cheer Holiday Spirit

image_1355712335882117Coach Christine Cooper is very proud of her cheerleaders. She coaches the Pacer Cheer team from Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They had their annual holiday party this past weekend and the girls got together and decided that they wanted to do something nice for the community. They wanted to use their time together at the party to celebrate the holiday spirit cheerleader style.

In the research phase of the idea, the girls were introduced to Bridge Meadows and they felt inspired. Bridge Meadows is a housing community that provides housing, counseling, support groups, recreational activities, and music lessons, for foster kids and their “would be” adoptive families as well as a vibrant elderly community. The elders stay in apartments and volunteer 10 hours a week giving the arts and crafts and music lesson classes. In nice weather, the elders take the kids to the park to play. It is a community where elders are respected and grandparent bonds are developed. The kids who are in foster care, or are in need of adoptive family are offered a surrogate family environment. And the elders are offered respect and love.

The Pacer cheerleaders spent their entire holiday party making hand made holiday cards for the families. The girls were inspired and initiated the act on their own, but let’s not forget that just like in the Bridge Meadows housing community, it takes a village to raise caring children. It takes dedicated coaches and exceptional parents to raise kids who want to contribute and give selflessly to their community. Luckily, the Lakeridge cheerleaders are blessed with great parents and a remarkable coach.

Coach Christine Cooper has been the coach at Lakeridge since 2001. She also helped create the curriculum for the National Federation Federation of High School’s, NFHS, coach education course, The Fundamentals Of Coaching Cheer And Dance. Christine is well known in the cheer industry for her passion for cheer education and exceptional zeal for coaching.

Cheer News Network loves the initiative of the Pacer cheer team from Lakeridge High School. Doing community service is a great way to give back to the people who support you through fundraisers or attendance at your games. We hope that the efforts of these girls inspires you to give back to your community. Great job Pacer Cheer! Happy holidays!

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