Meet Lupe Davis – Slovenian National Team Coach

711547_10200422135894525_371948671_nMeet Lupe Davis. He is the head coach for the Slovenian National Team. He loved cheer and has made it his career. He mixes custom cheer music, is an internationally recognized choreographer, and has coached some of the top cheer talent. Read where his incredible cheer journey has taken him. Would you ever move to another country for cheer?

CheerNN: Where did you start your cheer career?

Lupe: When I got into the cheer thing, I was actually a mascot my junior year in high school. After that, my best friend in high school asked me to cheer my senior year and so thus began a very very long cheer career. I cheered for UNLV for 4 years, then transferred to the University of Hawaii for 2 years and then cheered at Arizona State University for 2 years. Also did some Allstar teams, Desert Storm Elite and Arizona Myths. In the summer and fall months, I choreograph and mix custom cheer music. I love what I do.

CheerNN: You are currently living abroad and coaching. Tell us where you coach and how you got there!

Lupe:  I am currently the head coach of the Frogs located in Log/ Dragomer Slovenia which is in 804161_10200422128214333_1487538541_nEurope. I received the job after 2 kids from Slovenia, Matej Kavcnik (current University Of Kentucky blue squad) and Sara Gruden (current member of Hawaii Pacific University) who were on Arizona Myths with me, asked me to consider moving to Slovenia and coaching the Frogs. They got me in contact with Katarina Andlovic who has been with the Frogs since its beginning back in 1997. After we emailed each other, I decided I needed something new for myself in my life at that time. So, I moved to Slovenia and started coaching the Frogs. By the way, the Slovenian word for Frogs is Zabice; pronounced ZH (like a SH sound but with a Z) A-BEE- TSE.

CheerNN: Did you ever think you would be living in another country coaching cheer?

379709_329030377208803_1164527431_nLupe: I never imagined in my life that I would get this amazing opportunity to be coaching in Europe. I once got an opportunity to teach a camp in Chile and that was probably one of the greatest memories I will never forget. And now, to be coaching in Europe is by far the most rewarding, humbling and just plain AWESOME experience ever!

CheerNN: How is life different for you there?

Lupe: Life is different in both negative and positive ways. Negative thing is that I am very close to my family and not being able to see them is quite hard. But, on a good note, I have had many grandparents of kids on the team embrace me as one of their own. Just getting to work with not only my kids, but kids from all around Europe has been such an awesome experience. They all love cheer and they remind me why I love coaching this great sport. Another positive thing is that the food here is DELICIOUS and FRESH! Not much fast food in Slovenia so that helps me to cook for myself and eat healthier.

CheerNN: Do you miss the US while you are away?

Lupe: I do miss the US, especially when it is winter here. I have pretty much lived in areas with hot climates. Everyone laughs at me cause they know how much I dislike the snow, but now that I know how to dress warmer and wear the proper shoes, I actually am starting not to mind it. I also miss Mexican food too!

 What do you hope your cheerleaders learn from you?804400_10200422128174332_1763464946_n

Lupe: What I hope that they take from me and learn is to be committed 100%. Anything is possible if you believe in it. It takes dedication, hard work  and remembering to respect each other. These things will help to make a team successful. And, the most important things are to have fun and be positive. If I can show them these traits, then I feel I have done my job as a coach.

CheerNN: Will your team be competing at the ICU Worlds in Orlando?

Lupe: I am proud and honored to say that I will be taking the Slovenian National Team to the ICU competition this April as the head coach. We are working very hard and hope to bring a great routine. It doesn’t matter what place we get, what matters is that the kids go out there and do their best as a representative of their beautiful and amazing country. Then, after that, we are going on a 5 night cruise to the Caribbean to celebrate a wonderful and succesful season.


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