Meet Geoffrey Dudley – Coach Of GymStars, Northern Beaches Australia

542047_10151026419760443_1339042730_nThis is an interview with international coach and choreographer, Geoffrey Dudley. He is from the United States but currently coaches in Australia. He is an example of how you can make cheer your career.

CheerNN: Who have you cheered for?

Geoffrey: I started life as a gymnast but tried out for my first cheerleading team in 7th grade. So I must have been 13. I cheered for Comanche Jr. High and High School as well as a season at Tarleton State University. I have been with Varsity and UCA for almost 10 years now though.

CheerNN: Where are you currently coaching?

Geoffrey: Gymstars Competitive CheerleadingNorthern Beaches. They are located about 40 minsGymstars
north of Sydney, Australia! I was asked to judge the AASCF Nationals in Sydney this past October and met Nicole and Ben at dinner one evening. When Gymstars received their Worlds bid, they asked Garrin Gosnell for a referral of someone and he graciously suggested me! Check out a video of our National Championship team! These are our Gymstars Junior Cheer Level 3 – 2012 AASCF National Champs!


CheerNN: Did you ever think you would be living in another country coaching cheer?

Geoffrey: Oh my goodness, NO! I grew up in a town of less than 5000 people and my graduating class was 72 people. I had to deal with A LOT of ridicule and name calling for being a gymnast/cheerleader, but I guess succeeding like this is the best way to “get back” at anyone!

CheerNN: How is life different for you “Down Under”?539016_10151205564685443_877974105_n

Geoffrey: Life really isn’t that different as far as groceries, paying bills, etc. I am from Texas and even my tough skin has to have sun block almost every day! I also take walks in the morning and my view from the top of the plateau is of Narrabbeen Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

CheerNN: Do you miss the US while you am away?

Geoffrey:  I absolutely miss my friends and my home but I count my blessings every day for this opportunity and would do it again without hesitation.

CheerNN: What kind of stereotypes do you think other countries have about American Cheerleaders?

Geoffrey: The most common thing I am finding is that they think we are all AMAZING cheerleaders and that536864_10151190869615443_799349580_n we apparently train 40+ hours a week. I am trying to help them realize that their skill level is not as far off as they seem to think. I hope I am a great representative of my country and that cheerleaders in Australia will know the U.S. welcomes them with open arms. We set standards for fierce competition, amazing sportsmanship, and lasting friendships!

CheerNN: What values have you learned abroad that you will bring back to the U.S. with you?

Geoffrey: I think humility and appreciation that our sport has grown SO much in the past 8-10 years has left its mark on me. It is amazing to see new gyms opening in countries all over the world every year and more and more youth participating in this amazing sport. The general public in Australia does not know much of cheerleading at all, and Gymstars does an outstanding job of representing our sport to the highest level!

CheerNN: Are you taking your team to Worlds?

Geoffrey: Yes! Nicole Holmes and Gymstars All Star Devils will be competing at the 2013 USASF World Championships in April, and this will be my first trip to Worlds as a coach! I am normally part of the staff that produces the World Championships, so I am very much looking forward to being on the other side of the looking glass this time. 561511_10151239667405443_1741881225_n-1

Geoffrey Dudley is a choreographer and coach who normally resides in Texas. He is currently abroad
coaching a team in Australia. His choreography company is called G CreativeRead an article on CheerNN by Geoffrey here! Do you know someone who coaches somewhere special and deserves the spotlight? Become A CheerNN Reporter and tell us your story!