Meet David Kirschner TSC’s Top Cheer Safety Advocate

Cheer News Network invites you to meet David Kirschner the President and CEO of The Spirit Consultants, TSC. TSC is a cheer and dance camp and choreography company based out of Southern California. Dave was a college cheerleader at Syracuse University and has even played the role of school mascot. After graduation, Dave moved out to L.A. and has taken the cheer world by storm.

With decades of cheer training and coaching under his belt, Dave started TSC in 2005 in hopes to reach and train the high school cheerleaders of southern California safety and safe stunting technique. Dave is determined to safely train cheerleaders at camps, clinics, and conferences. He is vehement about training coaches and cheerleaders about safety any chance he can.

When you speak with Dave you can hear the passion he has for cheerleading with a strong emphasis on safety. This year Dave and his highly trained TSC staff, or Family, as he calls them, instructed over 1300 cheerleaders in several states.

Kirschner is well versed on all rules and is both AACCA and USASF levels 1-5 certified. When you talk to him about his company, staff, or the cheerleaders and coaches he trains at TSC, you can’t help but be impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm when the topic turns to cheer safety.

Dave’s Camps are all held indoors and all areas are covered with cheer mats. This year alone, TSC used over 200 full size cheer rolls to make sure every surface was covered by the blue mats and the atmosphere was as safe as possible for cheerleaders who were training.

Dave has also created a smart phone app called Skillz On Demand. It’s an app to help teach coaches and cheerleaders technique tips for stunting. Each clip, ranging from beginner skills to elite stunt and transition drills, is about a minute long. With Skillz On Demand, you can purchase bundles of stunt instruction videos that are customized for your team’s needs. Dave is very animated when he talks about his new app.

If you live in California, you can join Dave at the conferences held by the California High School Cheer and Dance Association. Learn tips on safety, technique training, motivational strategies and more.

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