Meet Cheer Manager, Entrepreneur, & Safety Advocate Patrick Cowherd

Cheer NN spoke with Patrick Cowherd, a cheer industry entrepreneur about how cheerleading is constantly evolving. Patrick, a 252afdaformer University of Louisville and Trinity Valley Community College cheerleader, has been cheering and coaching for many years. His passion for the sport mixed with his incredible drive led him to create some amazing opportunities for cheerleaders.

Patrick has made an impact in the Cheerleading and Gymnastics industry over the past 24 years. He is a three time Collegiate All American, a Coed Partner Stunt national title holder and is ranked as one of the top coaches in the nation. In addition, Patrick has produced six Cheerleading training videos, is an award-winning choreographer for high school, collegiate and all-star teams. Patrick has led his teams to the USASF Cheerleading Worlds for the past three years in a row. He is also AACCA safety certified and a former high school and collegiate instructor for NCA. Patrick also judges state, national and international events for various Cheerleading and dance companies and is the USASF State Director for Indiana.


But his cheer legacy doesn’t end here. He is the founder of Hollywood All-Stars, an Indiana Athletics company. Patrick is also the Founder of The Cheerleading AgencyTCA adds a personal touch to the college recruiting process. It is a recruiting service dedicated strictly to cheerleading student-athletes. The founder and agents of TCA realize from personal experience, how difficult it is for athletes to be noticed. Therefore, after competing, coaching at the collegiate level, the founder and agents of TCA decided to use their experience to help other Athletes achieve their dreams. By focusing strictly on cheerleading, TCA develops a personal relationship with both its athletes and the college coaches. The company’s focus on cheerleading also allows the service to find and maintain the highest quality marketing techniques available. TCA represents cheer athletes like Gabi Butler, and Cami Branson who are Junior Ambassadors of the Cheerleading Agency as well as many more talented athletes.  StateNationalLogo_2013copy_002

Mr. Cowherd also put together The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State NationalsThe Champions Cup Cheer & Dance State Nationals is a brand-new, Olympic-style cheer and dance competition placing individual athletes on a team with peer athletes to represent their home state. This event will take place from July 14 – July 20, 2013 in New Orleans, LA.  

As if this wasn’t enough on his plate, Cowherd went one step further and created Cheercussion, a safety Thumb_Top_Gunhelmet meant to protect cheer athletes from head injuries. CheerCussion, a new safety headpiece created to help reduce and prevent concussions and head injury related to cheerleading stunts.  Patrick and his staff will market and sell directly to all-star gyms, scholastic athletic departments and individual cheerleaders. The CheerCussion headwear is the first wearable head piece used within the cheerleading industry to help prevent impact- related injuries due to stunts performed in cheerleading.

Patrick’s happiness and enthusiasm are contagious. When you speak with him, his passion and self motivation will inspire you to believe your own dreams are achievable. Check out his websites for more information on college scholarships or recruitment, or to compete or coach for the Champions Cup.

Cheer NN asked Patrick for one quote to explain his passion he said, “You can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to. All you need is FAITH the size of a mustard seed.” Do you know another coach or cheerleader like Patrick who deserves a spotlight? Become A Cheer NN Reporter and tell us more about them!