Laugh, Dance, Love, Enjoy


Cheer NN knows that many college cheer and dance teams are working hard this time of year to get ready for College Nationals. Many high school and all star teams are thick in the competition season. With the stress of competition upon us, this is a great time to blow off some steam and have some fun with your team. We hope this inspires you and your team to create some great team-building moments.

Ever wonder what dancers do when confined in a small space for a long drive? ¬†Well, the Tiger girls want to show you. This video is great, there’s a reason they call it “epic”. It’s not new, but even if you’ve seen it once, it deserves a revisit. These are a few of the members of the LSU Tiger Girl Dance¬†Team on their way to UDA College Dance Camp in July 2011. The girls, under the direction of coach Denise Dicharry Galjour, make the video fun to watch.

Laugh, dance, love, enjoy.