Just Say NO To The Extra Belly Grow

When coming to college, we go through many changes. One of the most talked about and thought about is the inglorious “freshman fifteen.” Get ahead of the game and take some preventative actions. Living the college life doesn’t have to be your ticket to instant belly grow. Just say no and utilize these realistic tips any busy college student can use.


Controlling your portion sizes helps in controlling your weight. Less is more. Examples: instead of eating from the bag or the box, use a plate! Using the plate enables you to discipline yourself to just eating a serving. Buy measuring cups to help you portion out your servings. If it is not accessible, use the fist size reference. (portion as big as your fist) Setting this goal will help in the prevention of overeating.


Make your meals smaller, but more frequent. This is a great way to keep your metabolism going. Try to eat/snack every 2-3 hrs. At first, you may feel hunger and like you haven’t eaten enough, but keep in mind, you have a snack coming up in 2-3 hours. Your body will naturally adjust to this pattern quicker than you think. (NOTE: remember to keep the portion size of your snacks small)


Snacking in between meals is a great thing to do, but stick to healthy snacking. Finger friendly fruits and vegetables are easy, accessible and healthy on the go snacks. A little trick to save precious sleep time is to prepare these snacks ahead of time. After you go grocery shopping, take ten minutes to separate carrots, grapes, snap peas, strawberries, celery, blueberries, cherry tomatoes or whatever fruits or vegetables are your favorite into a reusable container or bag. This makes them easy to grab and convenient snacks in your pack. (backpack) Pack not only snacks, but meals as well. This gives you a little push in fighting the temptations of fast food. If you are eating dorm food, take advantage of your resources. Put a little extra fruit, vegetable, bagel or anything that is satisfying to you for a mid morning or afternoon snack. Make a mental note to yourself to not eat the extra food. Before you dump your tray, take the extra food you put aside and place it in your reusable container. Slide it back into your bag and you have your snack


Christina Brown is a former Idaho State University track start and assistant cheerleading coach for ISU who studied Dietetics. She has a unique history of working with a Sirius XM Satellite Radio show in Washington, D.C. She also taught summer camps as a cheer instructor. Christina is currently the West Coast Regional Rep for Be Free Revolution where; “Travelers united to empower, educate and inspire the vulnerable across the globe”.