Effective Cheers For Crowd Response


Here are some tips on creating effective cheers for sidelines or for cheer competitions. The first point of order is to make sure the words to the cheer invite crowd participation. Every member of the team should understand the tempo of the cheer and add the appropriate voice inflection. Stunts and tumbling can be used in the cheer. Stunts and tumbling are meant to catch the eye of the audience and the motions are meant to lead the crowd to follow and participate. Words in the cheer should be easy to understand and have directions the crowd can follow.

Make sure that all of the stunts that are choreographed to the cheer promote cheer leadership and summon crowd participation. For example, in an extension or a liberty, top girls have the freedom and mobility of their arms to lead the crowd. In a stunt like a scorpion or a heel stretch, the arms are not available to lead the crowd in instruction. On that same note, standing tumbling can emphasize crowd involvement in a cheer, while running tumbling has cheerleaders in a inverted position with arms supporting the body instead of leading the crowd.

Make sure a competition cheer follows the score sheet. For example, if the cheer is worth up to 35 points of the score sheet, respect that severity of the point scale and create a cheer that invites a crowd to participate. On a specific score sheet, it may call for the use of cheer tools like poms, megaphones, and signs. Adding these things to your routine will help meet the criteria and reflect in your score at competition. On the sidelines or the court, you will know you are successful by the loud crowd participation when you are cheering.  These types of tools enhance crowd participation.

Things like level changes, standing tumbling, jumps and sharp motions to accentuate the message of the cheer, and help convey the correct tempo and response while creating a visually stimulating routine. Cheers that exemplify this image will help meet the cheer requirements. The tempo of the cheer combined with the executed skills and crowd direction reflect up to a third of a score sheet. Make sure to consult with your upcoming score sheet before creating your competition cheer. Check out the website of the competition and download the score sheet. This will help you to create a routine that reflects the score sheet and has a better chance of scoring high.

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