Dr. Doug Stithem D.C. Can Help You Prevent Back Pain From Cheering

Hey Cheerleaders!

Cheer News Network wants you to meet Dr. Doug Stithem D.C. Dr. Stithem is a licensed chiropractor in Chatanooga TN. How does that relate to you? Well, Dr. Stithem also has over twenty years of cheer experience and his advice can help you stay healthy while performing all of your cheer skills.

Cheer News Network invites you to listen to our interview with Dr. Doug Stithem as he gives cheer specific advice on keeping your spine in line and how to deal with backache from stunting and tumbling.

Dr. Doug was an instructor for Universal Cheerleaders Association and he also cheered for the University of Kentucky where he won UCA National Titles with his team as well as a National Partner Stunt Championship. He knows what it’s like to put in long practice hours and the effects that it has on our bodies.

“In timing stunts like elevators and baskets, and even in extended stunts like stretches or cupies, the bases should make sure to keep their shoulders, hips, and ankles in one straight line. This is a great weight bearing stance and it will help you to prevent unnecessary lower back pain.” Dr. Stithem continues, “I wish every cheerleader would also practice yoga for optimum health.”

Listen as he gives specific advice on how to stay healthy and avoid lower back pain for fliers, bases, and back spots. Dr. Stithem is passionate about keeping his patients healthy and pain free. Let his experience as a Kentucky cheerleader and now in the health profession as a certified chiropractor, help you and your team this competition season.

In order to be a champion you must practice a lot. In order to practice a lot, you must stay healthy. This interview will help you get through competition season and finish the season feeling great!

For more information on Dr. Doug Stithem or Chiropractic care, please visit his website at: http://integratedchiropractic.net

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CheerNN Radio Program #002 - Dr. Doug Stithem D.C.

Join Scott & Jennifer to listen to their interview with Dr. Doug Stithem D.C. as he gives cheer specific advice on keeping your spine in line and how to deal with backache from stunting and tumbling. This week’s music has been brought to you Lupe Davis.