College U Championship

Americheer/Ameridance logoAmericheer has announced  College U ChampionshipAmericheer is known for producing fun competitions that draw incredible talent from around the country. Now, College U Championships offer a way for college spirit teams showcase their talent and participate in a competition.  Cheerleaders, Dancers and Mascots can compete for the championship!

College U is an open invitational and Americheer is inviting YOU to compete for CHAMPION STATUS! Is your team ready to accept thetimthumb.php challenge? Think you have what it takes? The awards are bigger and the stakes are higher at these jam packed events. Show the nation who is number #1 and win the apparel to prove it!

Winter College U Championships will be held February 9, 2013 at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. For event registration and details, email the Event Director, Missy Richard, at or call 800.966.5876 – extension 13. You can visit their website;

Will your team be competing at this event? Let us know! We are looking for a Cheer NN Reporter to help follow this event and get the word out about the talented college teams competing at AmericheerCheer NN wants to publish your work! Contact Us with questions.