CheerNN Is Wants YOU To Be Our On Site Reporter!

CheerNN ReporterCheerNN wants YOU to be our next, on site cheer reporter!  Is your team going to camp?  We want you to tell us about your experience!  All you need to do is answer a few questions, and YOUR TEAM could be the next cover story on CheerNN!

Just answer a few questions, throw in some pictures of your team in action, and YOU could be published and promoted on CheerNN!  It’s easy and fun!  We will edit your story and shine a spotlight on YOUR TEAM!  It’s a GREAT way to show cheerleaders everywhere your team IN ACTION!

Here are some suggested questions to help you create your story.  These questions are just to help you find a starting point when you are developing your story.  You don’t have to answer every question, pick the ones that inspire you.  Feel free to add your own details and fun! 

WHO:  Which company is hosting the camp? Have your ever used this camp company before? How didDSC_5843 you learn about them?  Who were your favorite instructors?  How many teams did your school bring to camp?  Who went to camp with you?

WHAT:  What kind of material did you learn at camp?  What were the facilities like?  What made this camp fun for your team?  What was the atmosphere like? What was your favorite and least favorite part of camp?  What did that company do well?  What could they have done better?

WHERE?  Where are you going to camp?  Is the camp on a college campus, at your school, or at an all-star gym?  Where did you learn the details about this camp?  Where was the camp in relation to your house; close or far?  Where did you practice; inside or out?

DSC_6003WHEN?  When are you going to camp?  When is the best time of summer for your team to go to camp, early or later?  When does your team make the decision about camp?  When did your team bond at camp?  When did you have your best or worst moment at camp?

WHY?  Why do you love cheer?   Why did you choose this camp?  Why did you choose this facility?  Why do you go to summer camp?  Why is it important to your team to learn everything you can about cheer?  Why do you think being a cheerleader is important to you?

HOW?  How did you decide to be a cheerleader?  How do your family and friends feel about DSC_5906cheerleading? How does your life revolve around cheerleading?  How does camp make an impact on your cheer year?  How did you decide which camp to go to?  How will you decide what camp to go to next summer?  How will YOU showcase your team?

Want to be a part of a cheer revolution?  Let’s show the world that YOU are ready to REALLY show them the SPORT of cheerleading!  We want to show the blood, sweat, tears, and success of YOUR TEAM!  Please, Become A CheerNN Reporter and tell us ALL about YOUR TEAM!