Cheerleaders; A School’s Marketing Dream

IMG_2714CheerLEADERS are the most highly recognized and visible athlete LEADERS. As a coach, you need to meet with your Principal and Athletic Director to establish the goals or morals that the school would like the cheer athletes to project. Make sure that the values are easily understood and embraced by both the school administration and the student athletes. The goals need to positively contribute to the development of the students and faculty. These goals also need to foster lessons that can be used later to create a better quality of living.

CheerLEADERS can utilize their visibility to help peers identify a moral compass and work toward a common school goal. Create strong relationships where you can convey the school’s message to all the different groups. Together, you can develop a mutual way of thinking about the goal, while including the different networks and still respecting their individuality.

CheerLEADERS can actually market the common goals of the school. The first step is to recognizing the networks of students that are currently prevalent within the school. These networks could include other sport teams, student activities, teachers or student government. Each network, no matter how small, plays an important role in the successful implementation of the goals. Therefore, it is essential that the goals of the school are embraced and effectively communicated to each network.

CheerLEADERS, as the second step, need to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with each of the networks and persuade them to work together. It is most successful when cheerleaders can shine a positive light on the specific contributions that each group can make and figure out how it can enhance the successes of the entire school.

CheerLEADERS learn how to communicate. As the third step, understand that positive relationships IMG_0606
require reciprocal dialogue between groups. Make sure that the end goal gives purpose to the entire school and every group that is involved. Perception is reality. Whatever the group perceives to be true, or whatever stereotype the school has toward a group seems realistic to that group without further investigation. Understanding these perceptions and highlighting the actual realities will create a more inclusive atmosphere. Each group will have different capacity. This will create benefits for everyone involved.

How do your cheerleaders help your school spread the morals and values of your school? Let us know!  Become A Cheer NN Reporter and tell us how you help market your school!