Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Wins Homecoming Queen


Allyssa Brubeck and her fellow cheerleaders were all excited about Homecoming. Allyssa, a popular girl who always has a hug for all of her friends at Park Hill South in Parkville, Missouri was nominated and chosen Homecoming Queen by her peers. She was dressed in purple, in true cheerleader fashion, to sport her school colors.

When Allyssa won she got a standing ovation from an excited crowd chanting her name. You could see people crying with joy for the blonde, smiling girl who jumped up and down when they called her name.

Allyssa, has Down Syndrome but she never lets that hold her back. Because of her friendly and supportive nature, she has many friends. In fact, Alyssa is celebrated by her entire community. The Down Syndrome Guild of Great Kansas put her picture on a billboard located on Interstate 29 with the message, “How do you treat someone with disabilities? Like anyone else.”

“They’re growing up together,” Amy Allison, executive director of the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, told The Kansas City Star. Disabilities among classmates “are negligible to kids. They see the challenges they face, but they see they are happy and they want to help.”

Brubeck who is also an intern in the Down Syndrome Guild’s office, is proud of the message that this community is projecting to others. Amy Allison Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Guild admires how far many schools have come over the last few generations in including students with disability into general classrooms and programs.

Many parents and students love Park Hill South because of the message of inclusion that the entire school community embraces. The school is a place where everyone feels welcome.

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Photo courtesy of Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City