Cheer Rules Resource

Cheer Rules. They are there for a reason. When it comes to cheer, rules and regulations are put into place to protect the cheerleaders. Every year the rules seem to be tweaked or changed. This year was no different. The Nationa l Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) have studied injury reports and made rule changes to keep high school cheerleaders safe.

For school cheer, AACCA is a widely recognized organization who aids in regulating safety factors and promoting coaches’ education. In an effort to help define these rules, AACCA has created a website; This is a great website to clarify rule questions and watch video footage that answers frequently asked questions. You can even submit a video of your own to clear up any confusion you or your team may have about a stunt you want to perform.

Whether you are developing choreography for a competitive routine, or cheering on the football sidelines or basketball court, this is a great resource. If you have questions regarding school cheer rules please bookmark this page and continue to reference it in the future.

On AACCA social media sites the following was released:

“High School coaches. We’ve just added a handy guide on when elevator preps need spotters and when they don’t according to the rules. Of course, you can always have a spotter where one isn’t required by rule but is needed for additional safety. If you have a situation regarding preps and spotters that isn’t addressed on the tip sheet, let us know and we can add it!”

To find out more about AACCA please visit: