Cheer NN Helps YOU Become A Cheer, Dance or Mascot Camp Instructor!

How would YOU like to spend your summer earning money to cheer, travel, stay fit and inspire others?  Sounds like a cheer dream job come true, right?  Well YOU can tryout to become a cheer camp instructor!  Tryout season for summer camp staff is getting close and Cheer NN wants to give you an opportunity to make your dreams come true!

Being a cheer camp instructor is a fun and physically intense job.  The hours of physical activity are demanding, but watching the cheerleaders and dancers improve and grow confident is extremely rewarding.  This is the type of job that will keep you physically fit and it will help to increase and perfect the skills you use all year long!  Being a cheer camp instructor can help you make lifelong friends and creates amazing memories that you will cherish for a long time.  You will get to travel and see the country all while educating cheerleaders!  Your inspiration and instruction will have cheer and dance athletes looking up to you for doing what you love!


Here are some insider tips for those of you trying out for a summer camp staff.  Most companies are looking for mature individuals who are independent, and solve problems on their own.  Your skills will be evaluated and technique and execution of skills is extremely important.  Cheer companies are looking for the full package.  Cheerleaders who are able to fit any role; base, top, spot, dance, tumbler, are considered prime candidates.  The more versatile you are, the more useful and successful you will be at camp.  During your interview process, they are gauging your personality.  Outgoing individuals who are good listeners, and great communicators make great instructors.  Be yourself!   If you are interested in trying out for one of these positions, (or a cheer camp company and would like to be added to this list), contact us to find out which company is right for you.

Here is some information on what companies are hiring and where you can find out qualifications, dates and locations.

timthumb.phpAmeriCheer & AmeriDance are now hiring summer camp instructors! We are getting ready for Summer 2013!  We want YOU on our Team! The AmeriCheer summer staffs are the role models for today’s cheerleader! They inspire, lead and encourage you to be a great cheerleader on and off the field. AmeriCheer recruits the nation’s elite and spirited collegiate cheerleaders and gymnasts!  AmeriCheer summer staff is one of the best experiences ever!  You will need to fill out an application, provide a letter of recommendation from your most current cheer coach and 2 full length photos by April 1, 2013.  Find out more on AmeriCheer’s website or contact Randall Davis Director of Instructional Program Development & Staff Selection AmeriCheer, Inc. at  or call 800-966-5867 with questions.  (Photo and information courtesy of AmeriCheer)

It takes more than just talent to become a member of the UCA Staff.  Along with the right cheerleading skills, UCA looks for younguca_staff men and women possessing character and enthusiasm, as well as teamwork and leadership skills.  Of the more than 1,000 that apply, only the very best are chosen!  During UCA camp, staff are mentors, teachers and friends. But you’ll also become a squads new Big Sis or Brother, helping them to plan their year and learn by having fun!  UCA hand picks talented seniors who attend UCA summer camp to receive an application to try out for staff.  But if you did not get an application at camp and would still like to try out you can!  Simply contact a UCA Regional Manager or State Director to request an application.  You must be 18 years old by the summer of 2013 to work for UCA.  Find out more information about UCA staff! (Photo and information courtesy of UCA)

me-and-amy-awesome NCA is also looking for cheer camp instructors for the summer of 2013!  Do you have what it takes to be an NCA summer camp instructor?  NCA runs the most well-rounded camps in the nation. For over sixty two years we’ve brought you the most exciting and BEST cheerleading and dance training in the world, and we pride ourselves in having the most professional staff in the industry. Each and every NCA instructor is highly trained, caring, enthusiastic, and determined to help each team member reach their goals and each team become the best they can be. Find out tryout locations, times and dates for a live tryout at  (Photo and info courtesy of NCA)

It’s a win-win situation (for campers and instructors)! Cheer Ltd Summer Camp instructors are talented, professional cheerleaders sendoff_altfrom across the nation. Cheer Ltd selects cheerleaders who are 18 and older with exemplary personalities, technique, teaching ability, adaptability, and of course overall abilities, Are YOU energetic, dedicated, and mature?  Do you have amazing cheerleading skills?  If you think you have what it takes, call- 800.477.8868 and ask for Lori at Cheer Ltd., or email Abby Tyjeski to find out about this amazing opportunity.  Earn great money doing something you love!  Potentially more than $3500* in eight camp weeks (*drivers have the greatest potential to earn the most money as they are paid mileage as well as weekly stipends). Find out more on the Cheer Ltd. website.  (Photo and info courtesy of Cheer Ltd.)

_DSC3527The Spirit ConsultantsTSC, is the largest west coast cheer camp company.  TSC staff applicants must be at least 21 years old.  To be considered, you must have cheered in college or for an all-star team for at least 2 years/seasons.  TSC applicants should have prior cheer camp/instructional experience, (minimum 2 years).  You must have cheer coaching experience (minimum 2 years).  Along with your application, you should provide a letter of recommendation from a collegiate coach or gym owner as well as at least 3 industry references.  Applicants should email resumes, references, letter of recommendation and cover letter to or at The Spirit Consultants 12400 Ventura Blvd #777 Studio City, CA 91604.  Learn more about TSC.

Mega Cheer Camp , MCC, is a new adventure in cheerleading.  It is a camp that is taught by expert megacheertransparentinstructors.  Each expert is personally vetted and interviewed before being selected to teach at Mega Cheer Camp or Mega Cheer University.  Mega Cheer Camp staff have each had 10,000 hours of cheering and teaching experience.  Specialty instructors are also considered with comparable experience in a specialty field such as tumbling.  All staff must feel comfortable leading large camp classes as well as providing personal attention and instruction.  All the staff have been selected for the 2013 season but MCC is constantly looking for new instructors.  Send a resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation to as soon as possible.

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