Cheer Fit Custom Fitness Programs Gives Fitness Tips!

The FIT Factor – Fitness tips for cheerleaders

FIT-factor - DanielleMeet Danielle Wechler, a former Syracuse University cheerleader.  She is determined to get your cheerleaders into the BEST shape ever.  Her workouts will not only increase strength training, but they will also help to prevent some injuries.  Her easy to follow videos will help condition your cheer team.

Ever wonder what gives teams that competitive edge? It’s not running through routines for hours, it’s not attempting a stunt 100s of times, and it’s not tumbling over and over again. No, the answer is fitness, and Danielle is here to show you how.

Danielle Wechsler, former D1 cheerleader, personal trainer and founder of cheerFIT has developed custom fitness programs to help athletes:

  • Prevent injury
  • Improve endurance, power and strength
  • Advance tumbling and stunting skills
  • Tone, sculpt and strengthen muscles

Watch the how-to videos below and learn how fitness can take your team to the next level! These videos below will show you how to correctly perform each exercise in the series of circuits. Enjoy!

*Do each exercise in the video for 60 seconds total (30 seconds each side). Repeat each circuit 3 times.


Engage and strengthen core muscles to stabilize and control your body. The core is an essential part of the training for every athlete. Exercises include:

  • Backwards lunge to bicep curl internal-page
  • Step up to shoulder press
  • Single leg deadlift to row
  • Single leg balance with eyes shut


cheerFIT works to challenge your body, burn fat, build speed, and improve endurance to power through your cheer routines. Exercises include:


  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Monkey Jumps


Incorporate bodyweight exercises and resistance training to tone, strengthen and develop lean muscle to improve stunting and tumbling. Exercises include:


  • Squat with high v shoulder press
  • Squat, curl, press
  • Tricep extensions


Success stems from the core and this circuit focuses on strengthening the core from the inside out. Exercises include:


  • dFIT_cheerFIT_logo_blackRussian twist
  • Leg lift
  • Plank hold



Focus on a series of dynamic and static stretches to give the ability to kick higher and pull a heelstretch like never before. Exercises include:


  • Inchworm pushup
  • Leg lift
  • Bridge

For more information about cheerFIT or interested in customizing a fitness program for your team, visit or email