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A great resource for coaches education is Championship Productions. They supply videos to help coaches of every sport. Championship Productions uses top quality instructors and well known coaches to help put the videos together. The good news is that they also include CHEER videos! Coaches can purchase cheer videos about conditioning, cheers, chants, stunts, tumbling, dances, pep rallies, formations and more! Learn from some of the top instructors in the cheerleading industry! Let Jomo Thompson, coach for the University of Kentucky show you his favorite 15 high school stunts or cheers and chants.

Dana Logan, a cheer coach from Iowa, recently took charge of Cheerleading Education for Championship Productions. Here is the exclusive interview with her.

What Is Your Experience With Championship Productions?

“As a high school cheerleading coach and a newcomer to the Championship Productions staff, I didn’t know what to expect from their Cheer Department. Like many other coaches, all of my training came from my personal experiences as a cheerleader, state association conferences, cheer camp coaches’ sessions, and from talking with more experienced coaches. I had never purchased or even watched a cheerleading instructional video.”

“Being the new girl with cheer expertise, I was invited to watch and review all of Championship Productions’ cheerleading products, and I was WOWed. The quality of instruction from such high-level, title-winning cheer coaches from around the US provided me with just the ideas I needed to jump-start my team for my upcoming winter cheer season. I have taken everything from conditioning drills, to pyramid choreography, to fun team-building activities and implemented them into my cheer program. Watching my girls soar past my expectations–and have a great time doing it–is the most rewarding part of it all!”

What Do You Want To Tell The Cheer World About Your Products?  CHD-03853-The-Performance-Challenge-All-in-OneConditioning-and-Skill-Workout-376

“I want to get the word out that there ARE valuable cheer products on the market that really can help you improve your squad, whether you’re a new coach or have 20+ years of experience; fresh ideas will give your cheerleaders a boost in the right direction!”
My favorite DVDs that can be used/modified for squads of any size or at any level:

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