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smile cheer helps you live longer

Smile! Cheerleading Helps You Live Longer?

Could being a cheerleader make you live longer? Follow my logic, according to USA Today, happy people live longer, healthier lives.  According to the paper, A study published in … [Read more...]

Yoga Helps Cheerleaders

Yoga Changed A Cheerleaders Life

Yoga changed my life, in every way. Athletes competing at a high level experience all of the positive, but also the negative effects of daily training, grueling schedules, bad … [Read more...]


Amy “AJ” Jones Is Remembered Through LYMI

"In January 2011 Amy was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer, which has metastasized to her lungs. November 26, 2012 less then 24 hours after marrying her soulmate and love of … [Read more...]


Laugh, Dance, Love, Enjoy

Cheer NN knows that many college cheer and dance teams are working hard this time of year to get ready for College Nationals. Many high school and all star teams are thick in the … [Read more...]

Say NO To Extra Belly Grow

Just Say NO To The Extra Belly Grow

When coming to college, we go through many changes. One of the most talked about and thought about is the inglorious “freshman fifteen.” Get ahead of the game and take some … [Read more...]

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Diet, Strength & Endurance for Cheer • Part 1 • Diet

These days we as a society are about finding the quickest, easiest way to get what we want when we want it. I tell athletes I coach on a regular basis, it is not that I am lazy; … [Read more...]

F Safety App Review

New Facebook Safety App Review

Teens and young adults live online these days. Many teens join Facebook, Twitter and many other social media networking sites where they share personal information and are in … [Read more...]