Bring It On: The Musical Ends Their Run On Broadway



December 30, 2012 was the last day to see Bring It On The Musical on Broadway. The production has has a long and successful run. Many cheerleaders and dancers have gone with their teams or friends to see the production as it traveled across the United States. The production itself had a profound effect on how cheerleaders saw themselves on stage.

“Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of the challenges and unexpected bonds formed through the thrill of extreme competition. With a colorful crew of characters, an exciting fresh sound and explosive dance with aerial stunts, this hilariously universal story is 524240_804364012551_466429800_nsure to be everything you hoped for and nothing like you expected.” –

The cast consisted of actors who needed to learn how to cheer and cheerleaders who needed to learn the craft of acting. Together, they worked hard and the outcome was a cheer team that became a family. It was a story that many cheerleaders followed from the creation of the musical. ¬†Inspired by the movie, “Bring It On“, the story is a reflection of the work, dedication, pitfalls, and triumphs that every cheer team faces.

527051_10100549848401380_901311805_nJessica Columbo, BIOTM cheer and stunt producer, is a former Hofstra University cheerleader, summer camp instructor, coach, judge and choreographer. She used her years of experience cheering and teaching cheer teams to help create the visually stimulating routines that wowed audience members. Her choreography was greatly received by both cheer teams and Broadway critics. Newsday said, “Bring it on LEAPS! A genuinely HIGH-FLYING, HYPER-GYMNASTIC and surprisingly savvy and sweet musical!” The New York Times called it, “An INTRIGUING COLLABORATION among artists with SERIOUS BROADWAY CRED“.

The cast calls it a dream come true. On it’s final day, many cast members were emotional about the production coming to an end. Reading the posts from these talented athletes and actors would remind alumni cheerleaders how they felt before they cheered their last game or competition as a senior. They cherished the moments and grew together. The talented cast is meant for success and will continue doing great things. The final performance is the end of one great chapter and the beginning of the next.

42Billie Sue Roe, a former University of Kentucky and Morehead State cheerleader, and current stunt captain and swinger, (a term used to describe a person who fills in onstage when necessary), posted on her Facebook on the final day; “It is difficult if not impossible to put into words what this day is going to do to my heart… Bring It On: The Musical; the final chapter on Broadway and today, the final moment; last performance. Leave it all on the floor and reach for more. …and as long as I’m alive, this moment’s mine. Bring It On taught me how to live!” You can feel the emotion and pride these cast members have for the sport and their performances.

Cheer NN wants to send a big THANK YOU to the cast and crew of Bring It On; The musical! Thank you 430332_761127438991_1313951768_nfor letting us live vicariously through you and see ourselves in your performances. Thank you for the blood, sweat and tears that you put into each and every performance. Your dedication was obvious. Thank you for inspiring so many people and putting a spotlight on cheer. It’s easy to see why celebrities, and even former Presidents of The United States were motivated to see the production. Thank you for making cheerleaders everywhere look good and feel proud while doing what we love. To find out more about the production or cast, visit their website at: