Being a Good Leader or Captain

Being in a leadership role is not always easy. Many veteran cheerleaders and captains put a lot of pressure on themselves to be good leaders. Make sure that you are setting realistic goals. ¬†Developing into a strong leader takes time and practice. Experience is what gives our leaders the ability to make educated decisions. Even situations that seem like failure can teach a person something. Those lessons will help you make better decisions in the future, which is why they are necessary. Remember when you were first learning how to stunt? It was exciting but scary and physically difficult at first. After time you conditioned your body to train your muscles to use good technique. You had to practice some stunts more than others because it was more difficult to master that specific skill. Well, developing yourself into captain into a leader is similar. As a leader, just like when you were learning how to stunt, it may take a little longer to master some kinds of leadership lessons. It takes time, and a few little mistakes but with determination and communication you can develop yourself into a good leader. Education is key when developing your leadership style. Honestly asses your goals and abilities as captain and don’t be afraid to look for opportunities to grow. Check back with Cheer News Network often and keep up to date on new motivation techniques, and leadership lessons. What is your biggest opportunity to grow?¬†Contact us with topics you would like to have us answer.