Amy “AJ” Jones Is Remembered Through LYMI

525840_341450002586797_7664774_n“In January 2011 Amy was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer, which has metastasized to her lungs. November 26, 2012 less then 24 hours after marrying her soulmate and love of her life, Kyle Eades; she lost her hard fought battle but never lost her humor or loving kind spirit.” – LYMI Fund Facebook Page

Amy  ”AJ” Jones was well known in the cheerleading community. She was a vibrant, successful coach at East Celebrity Elite Gym in Oakdale, CT, who left a lasting impression on everyone that she met. A gymnast since the age of 7 who eventually became a level 10 gymnast, and a former  ECSU, (Eastern Connecticut State University), dance team member, Amy has been positively influencing cheerleaders and dancers for years. The cheer and dance teams that Amy worked with have maintained numerous National and Grand Championship wins including 2010 and 2011 Dance Worlds Champions in the Senior Hip Hop Dance category. Amy herself was nominated 2012 Dance Coach of the Year at Worlds.

Amy was successful because she was a fighter. She motivated herself and everyone around her to be the best version of themselves and she never accepted anything less than her best or the best from her athletes. She was an exceptional, giving person, who inspired and touched so many people. She is still an inspiration and her teachings and motivation are mirrored in every child she ever coached, mentored, or came in contact with. Her messages of love and inspiration are very alive in the spirit industry.

LYMI East Celebrity EliteAmy and her family had close relationships. She got the mantra, love you, mean it from her family and she passed it along to everyone she came in contact with. Every person who was blessed enough to meet Amy walked away feeling encouraged. When you were in Amy’s presence, you knew she loved you and that she truly meant it. During her battle, Amy started a fund for other cheerleaders and dancers who were sick called the “Love You Mean It” Fund, (LYMI). Here she was, fighting for her own life, and Amy was still trying to take care of everyone around her. Even when she was going through treatments, she never gave up coaching her teams. She even told her employer, “I forget I’m even sick when I am with my kids.

AMY-LYMI-4Amy (AJ) has inspired so many people and left a spark in the hearts of everyone she met! Many of us changing our lives to follow in her footsteps to be more open, more loving, enjoying life every day and to keep dancing! Including the people who showed up to pay their respects at her service (many waiting in line up to 1 1/2 hours) and crowded the church the morning of her funeral. We can’t forget those who have left messages on the LYMI Fund Facebook page, as well as, Amy’s Facebook page! From the United States and all over!!” - Joanne Gustafson, Amy’s Aunt

Life Isn't AboutAmy was a truly wonderful person and her message and her fund are being carried on by those whose lives she touched. Of course we ask that you keep her family, her husband, her teams and her friends in your prayers. Please help support her fund and keep her memory and spirit alive by donating or having your team donate to the LYMI fund. To donate by paper check, please make checks payable to the “LYMI Fund” and send to 1434 Hartford New London Turnpike, Oakdale, CT 06370. The “LYMI Fund” has the Tax ID# 45-1180531 and your contribution is tax deductible.

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