5 Cheer Camp Activities Focused On Team Building

Cheer camp season is coming soon!  Many squads are trying out and making camp decisions now. Since camp is a time for bonding, we wanted to give you a few activities to do to help build respect among your team members.  Here are 5 cheer camp activities from our friends at Omni Cheer!

omni-cheer-logo5 Cheer Camp Activities Focused On Team Building

Team respect is the foundation for trust, loyalty and unity, and vital in having a successful cheerleading team! Listening to each other is going to play a big part, especially when it comes to performances and stunting. Try these team–building activities at summer camp to bring your squad closer:

1.) Discuss in small groups, or as a team, what respect means to each squad member, and why they think respect is important. Kick this activity off by reading the actual definition of respect.

2.) Break into groups and create a short routine with ‘respect’ as the theme.

3.) Brainstorm about the types of words and phrases that people use to show respect. You can also thechoose-cheer-camp types of actions that people do that show respect.

4.) Develop a photo scavenger hunt that is all about respect. Capture photos of people holding doors
for each other or helping each other. Once all the photos are collected, make a collage out of them.

5.) Separate into pairs of two and speak to each other at different distances (first close together, then farther apart). Afterward, discuss how it felt to communicate at each distance; when did you feel respected and respectful, and when did you not?

Where does your team go to cheer camp?  What do you like about cheer camp?  Become A Cheer NN Reporter and tell us your camp stories!