3 Tips To Help You Avoid Cheer Drama

3 Tips to help you avoid dramaWhenever you are negotiating a point or want to convince another party of your needs, there inevitably comes a time when you needed to change the other person’s mind on some item under negotiation. Many team needs are lost because one party refused to budge, and the other party couldn’t let an item or idea go.

This is when conflict really begins to escalate. This is common in sports teams. We have all experienced some form of conflict on our team. But, if you learn how to communicate and honestly hear every side of the argument, your team will have more success and less conflict.

We have some tips to help you keep the conflict to a minimum. The beauty of these tips are that they build empathy, not hostility.  Instead of forcing the other party to do something against their will, you merely narrate a changed scenario.

Tip #1

Remember, 75% of what you are thinking is displayed in your body language. Don’t fake sincerity. Remember: your reputation is all you have. Word gets around if you are deemed untrustworthy. Be aware of not only what you say, but how you say it. People will watch your body language closer than they listen to your actual words. Be aware of your body language, word choices and tone of voice.

Tip #2

Realize that if the person you are communicating with does not trust you, they are not going to be persuaded to believe anything that you say. Don’t speak from emotion only, make sure that you have facts to back up your points. Try not to come across as making unwarranted accusations. Instead, make sure you have your team’s interests as a priority.

Tip #3

Try using the Harmony Principle. When you harmonize with someone, they feel like you have made a connection. If they trust you, they are then more easily persuaded to see your point of view. They are also more persuaded when you do not knock their arguments or put them on the defensive. Harmony does not mean that you must agree with them at all costs. It is not about passivity or concession. It’s more about finding common ground and communication. 

How does your team deal with conflict? What are some tips that you can give other cheerleaders? Become A CheerNN Reporter and let us hear your tips!